Our history ...

To know who we are, we need to take a step back in time. At the beginning of the 1950s, Nazareno Binci founded the company of the same name specialized in the production of voices for accordions with the aim of achieving excellence in this sector. Together with his workers, he designed and built specific precision machinery necessary to achieve the set objectives.

Nazareno Binci

... of Italian tradition

He made use of the external collaboration of his brothers as assemblers of the semi-finished product until the manufacture of the item complete. Their names: Marino, Adelmo and Gino Binci.

Marino Binci
Gino Binci
Adelmo Binci

The latter, Gino, offered the opportunity to his eldest son Claudio di support him and teach him the trade by working together for many years. Claudio demonstrated his ability and passion for carrying out this work from the beginning. When Gino passed away in 1978, noticing the abilities of his nephew Claudio, Nazareno proposed him to work in the company. Fundamental opportunity to learn further specific elements of the sector aimed at completing your professional experience. Claudio worked alongside his uncle until 1988, the year in which Nazareno, after a life of intense work, felt obliged to pass the baton, leaving the company in the capable hands of his nephew who, together with his younger brother Paolo (who had been involved in the sector for years ), gave birth to a new generation of craftsmen.

Claudio Binci
Paolo Binci

The two brothers, with pride and total dedication, managed the company family with a view to transmitting their work experiences and management to the new generations, primarily including Luca and Nicola, Claudio's sons. High-quality collaborators well placed at work

From the left, Nicola Binci, Claudio Binci, Luca Binci e Paolo Binci

In 2020, Valeria, Paolo's firstborn, and Riccardo, third son of Claudio, became part of the family business.

Valeria Binci
Riccardo Binci

Our mission

The progress of technology in an increasingly dynamic and digital world is put at the service of innovation aimed at the essential vision of craftsmanship and the strength imparted by the Binci family to the production activity. The decisive factor is passing on the knowledge acquired and the specific working techniques refined over 3 generations to new generations. A heartfelt thanks to the founders Nazareno and Gino who allowed the creation of our reality. Today the name Binci is synonymous with quality and professionalism certified by our rigid control protocols, allowing us to support accordion manufacturers in offering musicians the sound expression they request. BINCI, professionalism handed down in the family, recognized throughout the world.

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