An italian tradition

By coupling a sheet of harmonic steel which, fixed to the two ends of the plate (usually aluminium), vibrates when the air passes, emitting a sound; the sound emitted varies depending on the size of these two elements.

THE REED” is the soul of the accordion.

Over half a century of experience, combined with a passion for this work, give us the right skills to make it happen.

choosing BINCI you will choose the best.

An artisan story

“The craftsman is someone who uses his own hands to give shape to a work of art; each of its built elements, although considered simple, is in reality unique and irreplaceable".

From generation ... in generation

Our experience is passed down into young hands year after year, generation after generation. We do this to continue the tradition and at the same time offer you the best.


Made in Italy is an indication of origin that refers to the origin of a good based on community provisions regarding the non-preferential origin of a product and in this case referring only to products that originate in Italy. In simple words, the production process for the production of the accordion voice is done entirely from A to Z in Italy; and that's what we've been doing for over 3 generations. Our very strict controls on the quality of construction and sound allow us to be able to entrust you with a solid base that will compose your instrument, making it unique and inimitable. In our voices there is the imprint of our reality: BINCI, our name, the our guarantee, and PROFESSIONAL, our quality.

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